The GhostPay platform allows users to set personalized payment methods for use at select locations all from their mobile device.

Wallet Services

Prepaid:Short-term travel usage or even one-time use for purchases.

Standard:Users have the ability to download, extract, and “ghost” their purchase history.

Premium:Available as a tiered option Subscribers can enjoy a built in VPN offering through the app.

Custodial Services

Cold Storage options for those who choose to strictly save their funds. We can provide the safety and security of a standard trust with capabilities to hold funds north of 250k.  

Merchant Partnerships

Merchants can partner with GhostPay to provide the feasibility to accept Cryptocurrency spent at their locations. We can work with the merchant to customize the settlement process to fit the needs as a business.

Innovative Wallet Solution

Leveraging the blockchain allows the use of a global payment network.  


256 Bit-Encryption and Two-Factor Authentication secures login. 

Download Transaction Data

Download and save transactional history just incase merchant disputes or tax obligations.

Quick and Easy Mobile Payments

Contactless mobile payments allow for a quick and easy payment.

Merchant Partnerships

Partnering with your favorite locations to allow Ghost-Payments just about anywhere.

Integration with Merchant Systems

Merchants can enjoy a seamless integration process with their current payment system.  

Payment of the Future

The GhostPay mission is to provide users a safe haven for their digital assets while transferring payments through existing merchant channels allowing private use at purchase.  Our goal is to make the transition to mobile cryptocurrency payments easy and frictionless.  The advantage is to provide users the privacy of using cash and the security of a bank to fit lifestyle choices.  

We provide complete solutions for our clients so they can focus their efforts on core business operations.

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