About Us


Our Approach

Our philosophy differs from the standard ACH protocol as well as other direct competitors leveraging digital assets.  Although we utilize aspects of each we are not a bank, trading platform, or exchange.  We simply plan to give the user select choice in which cryptocurrencies they can transfer, deposit, store and spend at participating locations.  We stay away from chip cards as that defeats the purpose of quick anonymous transactions (ghost-payments).  We hope to rid the negative stigma associated with digital currencies and legitimize a valuable asset that we can benefit from across many industries. Many times standard client banking information is sold out, we believe our users should be the only ones able to access and control their financial information.  Additionally, we plan to protect the users identity on the merchant end by not relaying any information about the user.  Instead we will have the transaction come up as Ghost Pay Inc. with the specific transaction ID to protect the identity of our clients. 

About Us



The GhostPay team consists of Founder and CEO Evan Weselyk whom of which started the company in early 2018.  Since then he has acquired 4 blockchain certifications and a wealth of knowledge in the field through attending conferences, getting involved in the online community and learning from industry experts.   


The GhostPay corporate brand would like to be at the forefront of future sustainable and practical use cases. 

Our process is driven by passion and a desire for change.  Without the passion you will eventually be miserable and most likely fail to level up in your field.  Over the last year or so I have met a wide variety of people involved in blockchain; from politicians, to attorneys, to first time entrepreneurs like myself.  One thing we all have in common is a passion about our specific roles and the future potential in the space.  The GhostPay culture is like your typical startup minus the fancy office and cafe lounge.  As we progress we want our business partners and employees to be treated as if they are family- built on mutual trust and open dialogue.  Feel free to view our PDF to learn more and view our corporate documents.  Any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us below.


We're Hiring

GhostPay is looking to bring on talent and grow throughout 2019. Seeing that we stand behind decentralization we are also open to hiring for remote positions across the globe.  That being said feel free to reach out with questions or concerns as we move along.  If you think you can contribute or would like to join the GhostPay team please send your Resume/CV to GhostPayCareers@Protonmail.com