What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is defined by the Blockchain Council as:  A consensus-based secure decentralized public/private database which stores information immutably over a P2P network.

What is a CryptoCurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an application of the Blockchain.  There are many unique blockchains and many cryptocurrencies.  Each Cryptocurrency is valued based on supply and demand and compared against Bitcoin (BTC).

Who would use ghostpay?

Anyone can use GhostPay; from the everyday person who happens to value their privacy, to the senior executive of a Fortune 500 firm.  Whether you are new to Crypto or a veteran the service offering is to provide you a safe, secure, and easy method to transact at the point of sale.

What Cryptocurrencies are you planning to incorporate for use at the Point-of-sale?

It is too early to officially release the list of Cryptocurrencies for use at the Point-of-Sale.  There is a list compiled of buyer friendly Cryptocurrencies but nothing is finalized at this point in time.  We will mostly utilize privacy coins with a following along with a stable coin for use at the point of sale. Please check back in with us as we progress.

Can I get a refund from a transaction?

Unfortunately not, this is a universal law on the blockchain.  Transactions are permanent and can not be reversed. Be careful choosing your cryptocurrency during checkout.

How can I be assured that my funds are safe?

When joining the family each user will set up 2-step verification so that their profile and monies cannot not be easily accessed.   The website will be protected with the highest level of security and encryption so that your money and information is safe.  We will assign the same sign in and security measures to the GhostPay application securing your data on the go.  If you subscribe the premium route there will be an additional layer of anonymity/security with a VPN.

When will this service be available?

Wallet service should be available to start off 2019.  As for the usage at retail locations we’re shooting late 2019.