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Our wallet services are meant for users to deposit, send, transfer and spend their cryptocurrency privately.  The objective is to make your daily commute more convenient and less stressful by allowing you to pay simply from your mobile device.  The privacy and security of your funds is paramount, that’s why we created tiered options for the user including a truly private ecosystem, one of which includes a VPN offering.  

Cold Storage options for those who choose to strictly save their funds offline and for the long-term.  We can provide the safety and security of a standard trust with capabilities to hold funds north of 250k.

Merchants can open partner accounts to accept Cryptocurrency at their locations.  At GhostPay it is our job to tailor the settlement process to fit your needs as a business.  Merchants who prefer cryptocurrency payments can receive digital assets in real time without any type of conversion delay.  Those needing purchases to be converted to fiat will need to consult with us and create a merchant account.  Email us for more details.


Personal and Business

Wallet Services

  • PrepaidOne time auth codes for mobile purchases at the point of sale.
  • StandardUser account with the ability to purchase, view, ghost, and download transactional history.
  • PremiumUsers enjoy all the benefits of the Standard subscription with a VPN offering and the ability to chat with other ghosts.

Tiered service offerings allow users to harness GhostPay services affordably and situationally.

A Prepaid user might be someone without access to their bank account, maxed-out credit cards or someone who wants to give GhostPay a try without commitment.  Whatever the reason prepaid options are made available through the GhostPay application.

A Standard subscriber might be someone who enjoys private payments, has digital assets they would like to spend, or a foreigner visiting the United States.

A Premium subscriber might be a frequent GhostPay user who enjoys all of the benefits of a fully private payment service.   This option includes a VPN and other perks.