Prepaid Offering:

As the client, you have the choice of creating an account to fund via link address short term “travel usage” or even one-time use for purchasing. Just note that an additional fee will be accounted for using this service offering to account for unexpected transactional fees and processing. There is a tiered offering availability in which the user can choose an extra layer of security. We’re here for you, wherever your lifestyle takes you.

Standard Subscription:

Standard users can use the wallet to hold and spend their cryptocurrency at partnered business locations. With this subscription, the user still gets the benefits of anonymous payments and can view their purchase history on the encrypted network. Please be careful not to lock yourself out of your account as this would make account recovery very timely and difficult.

Premium subscription:

We’ve got you covered- whether you are using the “pay as you go” option or subscribing, you will have the option to pay for a premium offering. Premium users can enjoy a built in VPN offering in the service offering, a member alias with the option to chat with other members, and access to directly send money to one another via P2P network. The difference between the premium “pay as you go” and premium subscription offering is that the latter gets everything offered above while the “pay as you go” members just get the additional VPN service offering.